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Why do I need to have my electrical installation tested?
Its important that all electrical installations are regularly inspected to ensure that any deficiencies or deterioration of the installation is observed. This particularly applies to rented property and property that is open to the public. Here owners should ensure regular periodic inspections are carried out so that tenant/public safety is not compromised.
How often?
In domestic properties, periodic inspections should be carried out every 10 years (maximum). If the property is tenanted the electrical installation should be tested on each change of tenancy to assert that the installation has continued to be keep to the current standards and has not been compromised.
 Is it law?
Regulation 4(2) of the Electricity at Work Regulations states:
"As may be necessary to prevent danger, all electrical 
systems shall be maintained so as to prevent, so far as is 
reasonably practicable, such danger." 
Regulations are approved by Parliament. These are usually made under the Health and Safety at Work Act, following proposals from HSC. 
Therefore it is highly recommended, particularly if the installation is being used by members of the public or employees. Failure to comply could void insurances, it may be worth checking the terms and conditions within these documents.
 What is done during a test?
The periodic inspection is split into 2 parts. Firstly, we carry out a visual inspection, this would involve looking at the existing installation including removing about 30% of accessories to look behind them and verify its general condition, age and compliance with the regulations.
Secondly, we carry out, physical tests on the cabling, to ensure its condition and correct wiring. 4 to 5 different tests in total depending on the installation.
On completion, we will issue you with a report detailing the inspections and results for the tests. It will contain information regarding the circuits tested and the relevant test results. We would also list any items we found that are deemed unsafe or do not comply with current regulations.

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